West Virginia State Inspections

The state of West Virginia requires a state inspection every 12 months. IN & OUT TIRE has qualified technicians with West Virginia Inspection licenses. We will completely check your vehicle based on the West Virginia inspection requirements. We will also give your vehicle our IN & OUT TIRE 27 point inspection. We will provide you with an itemized list of the results of your 27 point inspection and a quote if we find that you need any repairs to your car or truck.

IN & OUT TIRE also inspects modified vehicles, motorcycles and trailers.

IN & OUT TIRE also highly suggests another inspection that is NOT mandated by the state of West Virginia. Please stop by any IN & OUT TIRE location prior to winter (preferably by October 1) and have your tires checked to make sure that they’re safe for winter driving. If you don’t have enough tread on your tires they are not safe for winter driving. You are risking an accident and potential injury to yourself, your family and other driver’s on the road. Please stop by any IN & OUT TIRE and we will check your tires for free and let you know if they are safe for driving in our winter months.

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