Wheel Alignment

When your vehicle is properly aligned its wheels roll parallel to each other. This is how your vehicle was when you bought it. Car manufacturers recommend that you have your vehicle aligned every 6 months or 6,000 miles driven. When your car or truck is out of alignment it will pull in one direction, your tires will wear unevenly, your vehicle can feel loose on the road and your fuel economy will drop.

How does your vehicle get out of alignment? Actually it can happen in several ways. In our state the road has potholes all year and constantly running over them will knock your vehicle out of alignment. Also problems in your suspension system or having aged parts can cause a car or truck to be out of alignment. At IN & OUT TIRE we have professional equipment and trained technicians to keep your vehicle aligned. Call or stop by your closest IN & OUT TIRE and let us look to see if your vehicle is aligned. We will align your vehicle properly so that it allows your vehicle to drive safely. This will also allow you to maximize your tire life.

Ask your local IN & OUT Tire representative about our various alignment options.

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