Tire Mounting, Balance and Rotations

Mounting a tire to a wheel requires specialized training and equipment. To ensure that your tires have the best fitment they must be seated properly to the wheel. Our trained tire technicians at IN & OUT TIRE will inflate your tire to the specifications recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Once your tire is mounted we will computer balance your tires and wheels with our specialized equipment using the correct wheel weights for your wheels. This will provide a smooth, comfortable and safe ride on your new tires.

Most tire and vehicle manufacturers recommend that you re-balance and rotate your tires every 6,000 miles. IN & OUT TIRE experts will check your air pressure, inspect your tires and look for unusual tire wear problems and rotate your tires correctly.

Please stop by or call your local IN & OUT TIRE facility to have your tires re-balanced and rotated. We’ll set up a regular schedule for you to make sure that you have a smooth and comfortable ride and help you maximize your tire life.

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